If Aklan has Boracay, Ilocos has Pagudpud, its northernmost town bordering the South China Sea. The coastal town of Pagudpud is the perfect setting for panoramic movies and photoshoot for travel magazines cover.

The town’s main attractions are Saud Beach, known for its fine white sand stretching for hundreds of meters and Maira-Ira Point, which hides a secluded beach called Blue Lagoon. Other breathtaking landscapes in Pagudpud include Bantay Abot-abot, a natural sculpture carved by the wind and sea, the Mabogabog Falls and the Patapat viaduct that treats motorists to a scenic view of green lushes and blue waters of South China Sea.

Pagudpud is just an hour’s drive from Laoag City International Airport. From here, tourists can visit other popular destinations such as the Bangui Wind Farm, the Hispanic village of Vigan, and the old Paoay Church.


~ by sanipilip on March 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “PAGUDPUD BEACH”

  1. Good day. My batchmates from high school ( 35 of us) just got back from a 3-day tour of Ilocos. One of , if not, the most anticipated stops was the trip to Pagudpud. we have heard so much about the place that we allotted one half day to be there and suffer the three-hour drive from Piddig. But sad to say, seeing the place when we got there was the biigest disappointment of my traveling life! The place we went to which i guess was the public municipal beach was a dump! We were hoping that will the publicity that our tourism dept has been spending on promoting this place that we would get see a place that is if not really first class but at leats presentable. But the place was really disappointing. Tghe comfort rooms were so stinky and so dirty that i almost puked when i entered. The shower stalls were flooded but the showers themselves are not working. The huts were so unkempt and the beach itself was filled with trash. I could list a hundred bad things about the place but let me just say that the place is really a big diappointment. Nakakahiya! What’s more infuriating was that there were posters of the mayor (a Mr. Sales) posted all over the place. Our group, some of whom are balikbayans,were so angry that we vowed to really go out of our way in writing travel websites and blogs and discourage locals and foreigners alike from going to that dumpsite they call Pagudpud. We hope that our government, most especially DOT, can do something about this. Maawa po tayo sa mga taong maloloko pa. Salamat po.

  2. I am planning to visit Pagudpud Beach this August – give me places to see. It’s my first time to visit the northern part of our country

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